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Factors of 24

Factors 24 are integers that can evenly divide the original. There will be no remaining remainder. 24 is a composite number. It will therefore have more factors than 2. There are eight factors to 24. These are 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, and 24. The pair factors of 24 are the numbers that give the result of 24 when …

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Essay on tree

Essay on Tree Trees are essential for Earth’s survival and that of all living organisms. They give us oxygen to breathe, food and shelter to sleep. They are essential for our survival and provide us with a comfortable lifestyle. To ensure a healthy environment and promote healthy living, we must plant more trees. Short and Long Essays on …

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Essay on Indian Education System

Over the years, Indian education has evolved. The colonization of India by the Britishers marked a major shift in the education system. Modern education was introduced in India by the British Government. They wanted educated Indians to help them administer the state. The Indian education system can be divided into four levels: lower primary, upper secondary, and higher …

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English grammar for class 6

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Grammar The Sentence The Parts of Speech Kinds of Noun Tenses Uses of Articles (A, An and The) Degrees of Comparison Modals Correct Use of Verbs Correct Uses of Prepositions Active and Passive Voice Editing Task (Omissions) Editing Task (Error Correction) Rearrangement of Words (Jumbled Words) Word Power NCERT …

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Ecological Pyramids

A biological ecosystem is also dependent on an ecological pyramid. The ecological pyramid was first proposed by Charles Elton in 1939. An ecological pyramid depicts the distribution of energy or biomass within an ecosystem. The number of creatures in each trophic level determines how much biomass is distributed. A trophic level is defined as a step or level in the food …

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Application for fee concession

For people to live comfortably and comfortably in this world, money is essential. Without it, it’s difficult to meet their basic needs. Money does not necessarily mean you need to be wealthy. It simply means you are able to get by each day without having the sacrifices necessary. To live a happy and fulfilled life, every person …

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write 8000 in words

80000 in words

80000 is Eighty Thousand. For example, if you spent Rs. If you have spent Rs. 80000 in two month’s time, you can write “I have spent Rs. Eighty thousand in two months. You can write the number 80000 using any number of places, including ones, tens and hundreds. The place value table is helpful for writing 80000 in words. Watch detailed …

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70000 in words

70000 is written in as Seventy Thousand. Seventy-thousand is the English name for 70,000. The value of 70000 is equivalent to the original number. A person might have 70,000 rupees in his bank account. Therefore, it is written as seventy thousand rupees. A cheque for rupees 70000 is written in seventy-thousand rupees or seventy-thousand. It is important that students learn to …

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60000 in words

60000 = Sixty-eight thousand 60000 words can be translated to Sixty Thousand. If you paid Rs. You can tell your friend that you paid Rs. Rs. 60000 = Sixty thousand Rupees. We also know that 60000 is a Cardinal number because it represents an exact amount. 60000 words: Sixty thousand Sixty-eight thousand in numbers 60000 60000 English words We use the English …

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