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Class 10th SST Notes

Class 10th SST Notes help you get high marks in board exams, Chapter Wise CBSE Quick Review Notes and Key Points For Class 10 Social Science ST Pdf Free Download was created by experts teachers using the latest NCERT books. Revision Notes for Class 10 include Class 10 SST Notes. They contain History & India and …

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How to write the letter- Formal

How to write the letter-formal This article will explain how to write a formal correspondence, its structure and definition, as well as provide examples of formal letters. Formal letters are professional and should be written carefully. These topics will show you how to create a formal letter that is effective. Definition of formal letter. Structure of a …

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Notes physics class 11

Notes Physics class 11 are not easy. Our stellar team of experts created the Class 11th Physics notes. They are based entirely on the CBSE curriculum. Students can quickly understand the problem and feel confident solving more difficult problems by reviewing our revision notes. Students can also download the Notes of Physics Class 11, which they will …

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Class 9 notes for science

Overview Our class 9 notes for science are mostly in line with the NCERT syllabus and CBSE guidelines. These NCERT notes can be consulted by students to gain a better understanding of the key questions and the overview of the chapters. Students can retain key terms better and be prepared for any type of exam questions. …

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Money and credit class 10th

Money And Credit Money acts as an intermediate in the exchange process & it is called medium of exchange. In many of our day to day transactions, goods are being bought & sold with the use of money.The reason as to why transactions are made in money is that, a person holding money can easily …

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Excretory System of Human

The excretory system of human is made up of organs that remove metabolic wastes and toxic substances from the body. Toxin accumulation can be dangerous and the body will eliminate all metabolic wastes through the process of excretion. This includes the elimination of urea and other body wastes. The kidneys remove urea, while the large intestine expels …

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