Kinds of the sentences

Kinds of the sentences We can express ourselves clearly using the four types of English sentences — interrogative, imperative and exclamatory — Writing with a variety or sentences will increase interest and help you communicate your ideas effectively. Continue reading to learn more about each type of sentence and see examples to help you get your point …

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How to write an article?

An article is a form of written communication that companies can use to communicate with their customers or employees. Marketing or public relations departments might write articles to communicate the organization’s thought leadership and provide relevant industry information. This article will show you how to create an article in just seven steps. We also give some …

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Depression freezing point

The depression freezing point depression occurs when solute molecules are added to a solvent. All solutions have lower freezing points than the solvent, and this is directly proportional the molality of the solute. DTf=Tf(solvent)-Tf(solution)=Kfxm(1)(1)DTf=Tf(solvent)-Tf(solution)=Kfxm DTfDTf refers to the freezing depression. TfTf(solution) refers to the freezing temperature of the solution. TfTff (solvent), TfTff (solvent), KfKf refers to the constant for freezing …

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An essay on rainy season

The rainy season is my favorite. It is my favourite and most favorite season. It follows the summer season, which is a very hot one. Too much heat, too warm air, and skin issues make me restless in summer. All problems disappear when it rains. The rainy season begins in July, the Hindi month of Shawan and lasts for …

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An essay on Teacher

Teachers are people who teach children to be educated and culturally aware. Because god created the entire world, a teacher is an amazing gift. A teacher is also a creator of whole nations. Teacher is an essential part of the student’s life. His knowledge, patience, and love gives a student a solid foundation. Teachers share academic knowledge …

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A Road Accident Report Writing

Report writing is a way to expand on a topic using graphs, charts, and evaluated facts that support its conclusions and arguments. Report writing is the art of describing an incident or event in a clear and concise manner. Report writing’s purpose is to discuss the outcomes and to identify problems and to find solutions. This article will …

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