English grammar for class 6

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Grammar The Sentence The Parts of Speech Kinds of Noun Tenses Uses of Articles (A, An and The) Degrees of Comparison Modals Correct Use of Verbs Correct Uses of Prepositions Active and Passive Voice Editing Task (Omissions) Editing Task (Error Correction) Rearrangement of Words (Jumbled Words) Word Power NCERT …

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Application for fee concession

For people to live comfortably and comfortably in this world, money is essential. Without it, it’s difficult to meet their basic needs. Money does not necessarily mean you need to be wealthy. It simply means you are able to get by each day without having the sacrifices necessary. To live a happy and fulfilled life, every person …

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Format of an Email writing

How do I write an email? Professional communication is incomplete without email writing. If people don’t feel engaged in your message, or your proposal, it is difficult to get them to reply to your emails. You should be able to write great emails. Boldness is key. Get straight to the point. Simple and clear communication is the best type of …

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Essay a morning walk

Walking is an integral part of every person’s daily life. Walking helps us to clear our minds and help us focus on the next day. If you are feeling unwell or having difficulty with daily tasks, it is a good idea to get up at 5 AM and walk for 30 minutes. This essay about morning walks …

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Advertise writing

Format for Advertisement Writing, Advertisements are a type of public notice that asks for or offers services, buy and sell property, or provides information about missing persons, pets, or other matters. There are two types of advertisements. Classified; Commercial Classified advertisements: You will find classified ads in magazines and newspapers. The following are important features of …

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Kinds of the sentences

Kinds of the sentences We can express ourselves clearly using the four types of English sentences — interrogative, imperative and exclamatory — Writing with a variety or sentences will increase interest and help you communicate your ideas effectively. Continue reading to learn more about each type of sentence and see examples to help you get your point …

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How to write an article?

An article is a form of written communication that companies can use to communicate with their customers or employees. Marketing or public relations departments might write articles to communicate the organization’s thought leadership and provide relevant industry information. This article will show you how to create an article in just seven steps. We also give some …

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Depression freezing point

The depression freezing point depression occurs when solute molecules are added to a solvent. All solutions have lower freezing points than the solvent, and this is directly proportional the molality of the solute. DTf=Tf(solvent)-Tf(solution)=Kfxm(1)(1)DTf=Tf(solvent)-Tf(solution)=Kfxm DTfDTf refers to the freezing depression. TfTf(solution) refers to the freezing temperature of the solution. TfTff (solvent), TfTff (solvent), KfKf refers to the constant for freezing …

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