English grammar for class 6

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Grammar The Sentence The Parts of Speech Kinds of Noun Tenses Uses of Articles (A, An and The) Degrees of Comparison Modals Correct Use of Verbs Correct Uses of Prepositions Active and Passive Voice Editing Task (Omissions) Editing Task (Error Correction) Rearrangement of Words (Jumbled Words) Word Power NCERT …

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Ecological Pyramids

A biological ecosystem is also dependent on an ecological pyramid. The ecological pyramid was first proposed by Charles Elton in 1939. An ecological pyramid depicts the distribution of energy or biomass within an ecosystem. The number of creatures in each trophic level determines how much biomass is distributed. A trophic level is defined as a step or level in the food …

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70000 in words

70000 is written in as Seventy Thousand. Seventy-thousand is the English name for 70,000. The value of 70000 is equivalent to the original number. A person might have 70,000 rupees in his bank account. Therefore, it is written as seventy thousand rupees. A cheque for rupees 70000 is written in seventy-thousand rupees or seventy-thousand. It is important that students learn to …

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60000 in words

60000 = Sixty-eight thousand 60000 words can be translated to Sixty Thousand. If you paid Rs. You can tell your friend that you paid Rs. Rs. 60000 = Sixty thousand Rupees. We also know that 60000 is a Cardinal number because it represents an exact amount. 60000 words: Sixty thousand Sixty-eight thousand in numbers 60000 60000 English words We use the English …

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25000 in words

25000 in words could be referred to as Twenty Five Thousand. Let’s say we buy a refrigerator for Rs. We can tell our friends that we bought a refrigerator worth Rs.25,000 by saying “We bought a refrigerator for Twenty-five thousand”. We also know that 25000 is a primary number because it refers to a certain quantity. 25000 words: Twenty-five Thousand Twenty-five …

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150000 in words

150000 can be written in words as One Hundred And Fifty Thousand, or One Million Fifty Thousand. Let’s say I bought a bike for Rs. 1,50,000. We can tell our friends that we bought a bike for one hundred fifty thousand rupees (or, one lakh fifty thousand rupees). The cardinal number 150000 represents a certain amount. 150000: In words: One hundred fifty thousand …

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13000 in words

13000 = Thirteen Thousand It is possible to write 13000 words as Thirteen Thousand. If you paid Rs. To buy a new phone, you could say to your friend that you paid Rs. We also know that 13000 is a number because it represents an exact amount. 13000: Thirteen thousand Thirteen Thousand in numerical form: 13000 13000 in English Words …

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12000 in words

12000 is written in as “Twelve thousand”. The number 12000 is a number or value equivalent to the number. The cardinal 12000 number is written in English as twelve thousand. It can be used to signify a value like 12000 rupees. It is easy to spell the number 12000 because it is the multiple 1000. This article teaches you how to spell 12000 …

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11000 inwords

11000 is in written as “Eleventhousand”. The number 11000 in Maths is a cardinal number. It represents a count of a value equivalent to that number. 11000 can be translated to English as Eleven thousand. It can also be described as a number. In other words, 11000 rupees can be written as Eleven thousand rupees. We can also write Eleven thousand when …

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