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    Read online Class 11 Physics Ch 13|Kinetic Theory NCERT Class 11 Physics

    Students can easily download the PDF Kinetic Theory Class 11. You can also learn Ch 13 Physics Class 11 online here. In Introduction, we will initiate with basic of Kinetic Theory of Gases NCERT.  Kinetic theory explains the behaviour of gases based on the idea that the gas consists of rapidly moving atoms or molecules. Further, in Molecular Nature of Matter, we will study that how matter makes up our entire universe. we can define it as a substance that occupies space in different forms like gases, solid, liquid etc. Further, we will study Behaviour of Gases, about its various motions, kinetic energy etc. In Kinetic Theory of Ideal Gases, we will study, an ideal gas is a gas where the atoms do not exert forces on each other but they do collide with the walls of the container (in elastic collisions). Based on common sense and experiment the ideal gas law relates the pressure, temperature, volume, and number of moles of ideal gas. According to the law of equipartition of energy, for any dynamic system in thermal equilibrium, the total energy for the system is equally divided among the degree of freedom. Further in kinetic theory class 11, we will study about Specific Heat Capacity. At the end, the Mean Free Path is the average distance travelled by a moving particle between successive impacts, which modify its direction or energy or other particle properties. It is the mean distance travelled by an electron between scattering events.

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