Essay on tree

Essay on Tree

Trees are essential for Earth’s survival and that of all living organisms. They give us oxygen to breathe, food and shelter to sleep. They are essential for our survival and provide us with a comfortable lifestyle. To ensure a healthy environment and promote healthy living, we must plant more trees.

Short and Long Essays on the Importance Trees in Our Life in English

These essays are both long and short on the Importance Trees in Our Life. They will help you to understand the topic better. You will learn the Importance of Trees In Our Life essay and understand the value of trees in our lives. They provide oxygen to our bodies in exchange for other unwanted or harmful gases. Trees also provide nourishment and shelter for the planet.

A 200 word essay on the importance of trees in our lives (200 words).

For us, trees are very important. We can survive on this planet only because of trees and plants. Without trees, it is impossible for humans or other species to breathe the oxygen that they need. This isn’t the only reason trees are important to us. Trees have much to offer the environment and the living creatures. Trees not only provide oxygen but also absorb harmful gases from the atmosphere, thereby reducing global warming.

Trees provide shelter and food. Many trees produce fruits that are nutritious for animals and birds. Many fruits are also enjoyed by humans, such as bananas, mangoes and apples. Medicines are prepared from the bark, roots, and leaves of trees. Trees provide shelter for both humans and animals. For wild animals, forests containing dense trees are a habitat and help to maintain rich biodiversity. Many things are made from wood and other materials that come from trees.

The environment is also calmer and more peaceful when trees are present. They encourage people to meet one another and foster social interaction. Both children and seniors love parks with beautiful trees and plants. They come together to enjoy outdoor activities.

To preserve our environment and encourage a happier and healthier life, we must save and plant more trees.

Essay on the Importance Trees in Our Life (300 Words)


Trees are an integral part of the natural environment. They are essential for the survival of many species of fauna and make the environment beautiful. Without trees, life on Earth wouldn’t be possible. We value them in many ways. It is not wrong to say that trees are essential for our existence.

Trees Provide Oxygen

The survival of humans depends on oxygen, which is provided by trees. Trees exhale carbon dioxide, and inhale oxygen. The more trees you plant, the more oxygen you get. Going for a morning walk in a park with green trees and plants is a great way to feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Trees Absorb Harmful Gases

Trees not only inhale carbon dioxide, but also absorb harmful gases like carbon monoxide from the atmosphere. Trees also absorb other pollutants. This helps to purify the air and keep it clean. You can reduce the pollution by planting more trees.

Trees provide food

Trees produce fruits that satisfy our hunger. Different types of fruits are found on different trees. You can eat fruits raw or fresh, as well as dried. You can also use other parts of trees, such as the bark, roots, and leaves to make different foods. You can also use the bark, fruits, and leaves of trees to make herbal medicines that treat various diseases.

Trees Provide Shelter

Shade and shelter are provided by trees for both humans and animals. On hot summer days, they provide shade and shelter. The trees also produce wood, which is used in the construction of furniture and houses.


Trees are our life-savers. Trees are essential for a high quality life. It is important to plant more trees than we cut. It is important to encourage others to plant trees.

Essay on the Importance Trees in Our Life (400 Words)


Trees are beautiful and soulful. Trees help to create a community that is healthy. Green and shaded trees are more positive and happier than one without.

Trees Provide Peaceful Environment

Trees can bring joy and calm to our minds. To spend holidays in nature, we travel far and wide. The serene atmosphere of lush green trees, high mountains, and rushing streams makes for a peaceful environment that recharges us. We cannot achieve the same atmosphere in cities, but we can plant more trees to make our surroundings beautiful and peaceful.

Greener areas offer a peaceful environment. Here, the air is cleaner and cooler. These areas have a lower level of stress and are more happy, which is the foundation for a healthy community.

A meeting ground for children and the elderly

People are more likely to get along to a park that has beautiful trees and plants. Beautiful parks are a magnet for people who live in nearby communities. They attract them during the morning and afternoon hours of the summer and the afternoon on cold winter days. These parks are a great place to meet, especially for seniors and children. They can make new friends and socialize.

Where to Provide Education

In ancient times, children received education from the tree. In different parts of the country, there were many under-tree schools. A whole classroom was built under the tree, and students could learn from their teacher. These schools are still being run in many rural areas. These schools provide education at nominal fees, and sometimes free of charge.

Trees Offer Shelter for Travellers

The shade of trees is a boon for travellers. They provide shade and a place to relax. A nap under a cool and shaded tree can help one to re-energize. Travellers who are headed in the same direction often find trees to be a meeting place.

Trees are a Refugee for Farmers and Labourers

Workers, farmers and labourers who work hard under the sun often sit under the tree to have lunch. As they sit under the tree, they also chat with their coworkers and strengthen their bonds with them.


We see trees as positive and help people to socialize. Beautiful parks, with their variety of plants and trees, are a great place to meet new people. These parks are a wonderful place to spend time outdoors with loved ones and deepen our relationship with them.

500 words Essay on the Importance Trees in Our Life


Trees are Essential for Balancing The Ecological System

The ecological system of Earth is influenced by trees. The oxygen-rich atmosphere is enriched by plants and trees. They also help to maintain the climate, protect soil erosion, provide habitat for wildlife, and improve climate control. This is a quick overview of how trees can help preserve the ecosystem.

Air Purification

All kinds of dangerous gases are found in the atmosphere, including carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. These harmful gases are rising due to the increasing number of vehicles and factories in the world. Trees breathe carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. This is essential for human survival. To keep the environment clean, trees also absorb other harmful gasses. It is because of this that areas with more trees are less polluted.

To purify and clean the environment, we must plant trees.

Promote Biodiversity

For wild life, forests are a refuge. Many species of animals and birds can be found in forests. They promote biodiversity. The main concern these days is deforestation. This has resulted in the loss of biodiversity. Birds and animals are losing their habitats, making it difficult to survive. According to researchers, further loss in biodiversity could have a negative impact on the ecology. Because animals and plants depend on each other to fulfill many of their needs, this is why biodiversity is so important. The ecological balance can be maintained by planting more trees and avoiding deforestation.

Prevent soil erosion

The soil erosion caused by heavy rains can disrupt the lives of those living in affected areas. The soil is held by the roots of trees, which prevent it from being eroded by rainwater. Large trees can absorb large amounts of water, which reduces the likelihood of sediment deposits in rivers. Increased levels of water in streams and rivers are just a few problems caused by soil erosion. This can cause damage to the marine life, and sometimes even flood. Trees help to maintain the ecological balance by preventing soil erosion.

Conserve Energy

Cooler areas are those that surround themselves with trees. These areas are more comfortable than those who live in them. This conserves energy. This is a great way to reduce emissions of polluting gases and harmful gases.

Balance the water cycle

The water level in the atmosphere can be balanced by trees. The atmosphere is enriched by large trees that release significant amounts of water. This water is absorbed into the atmosphere and regenerated. The ecological system is supported by forests around the globe, which play an important role in the water cycle. The best way to maintain a healthy environment is to plant trees. On the other hand, deforestation disrupts the water cycle, which can have negative consequences such as dry soil and loss of crops.


Trees are therefore extremely important for the environment. They are essential for the survival of life on Earth and help maintain the ecosystem. The better the environment, the more trees you plant.

Essay on the Importance Trees in Our Life (600 Words)


For us, trees are very important. Trees provide oxygen, and help keep the environment clean by filtering harmful gases and pollutants out of the air. Trees allow us to breathe freely and lead a healthy lifestyle. But, despite trees being so vital, people are still cutting down trees in a reckless fashion, not realizing that it could put our lives at risk.

Deforestation: The Bitter Truth

In the name of urbanization and development, humans are rapidly cutting down forests. In order to accommodate the increasing human population and meet their ever-increasing material needs, many forests and green areas around the globe have been destroyed in recent decades.

These days, more and more people are moving from rural areas into urban areas. To accommodate them, residential areas are being expanded in cities to make it easier. This is happening at the expense of trees. Concrete jungles are being built in the places where trees are being removed. At places once surrounded with beautiful green trees, factories, offices, and residential societies are being built.

As the demand for wood and other materials from trees is growing, tree cutting is also increasing rapidly. Wood is used to make houses, furniture, papers, medicine, and many other items. All these items are vital for life, but oxygen is our primary need to survive on Earth. If we keep cutting down forests at the current rate, oxygen supply will drop and it will become more difficult to live on this planet.

Deforestation can also lead to the loss of habitats for wild animals. Many species of animals have disappeared from the Earth’s surface in the past, and many others are at risk of disappearing altogether. Deforestation is one of the major reasons. Deforestation has led to increased contact between humans, wild animals, and both are in constant fear. Deforestation can also have other negative effects like soil erosion, disruption of the water cycle, and increased pollution and heat. All of these are equally harmful for humans and animals.

Plant Trees – Promote Life

We have become accustomed to living a comfortable lifestyle. Many of the things we get out of trees have become a necessity.

It is necessary to cut trees in order to meet many of our basic needs, but it should be done with moderation. To balance the act, we should plant more trees. Every person must plant trees and take care of them. Each neighborhood should engage in regular tree planting activities.

It is important to teach students about the importance of planting and saving trees. Every student should be encouraged to participate in tree planting activities. We will create a better environment for future generations and ourselves if we plant more trees. Regular activities are also required to water trees and increase their growth. This will make them bloom quicker.


It has been repeatedly stressed how important trees are. We need to realize that cutting down trees is a threat our own lives. To ensure that life on Earth continues, deforestation must be stopped. It is essential to plant more trees to stop the loss of these precious natural resources. Each person should plant trees to help maintain a clean environment.

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