Gaseous State Class 11 Formulas

gaseous state class 11 formulas

Here is the list of all Gaseous State Class 11 Formulas. This formula list is very important to revise before your JEE Main, Advanced or NEET Exam.

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Temperature Scale :

$\frac{ C – O }{100-0}=\frac{ K -273}{373-273}=\frac{ F -32}{212-32}=\frac{ R – R ( O )}{ R (100)- R ( O )}$

Here, $R =$ Temp. on unknown scale.

Boyle’s law and measurement of pressure:

At constant temperature,

$V \alpha \frac{1}{ P }$

$P _{1} V _{1}= P _{2} V _{2}$

Charles law:

At constant pressure,

$V \propto T$, OR


Gay-lussac’s law:

At constant volume,

$\quad P \alpha T$

$\frac{ P _{1}}{ T _{1}}=\frac{ P _{2}}{ T _{2}} \rightarrow$ temp on absolute scale

Ideal gas Equation:

$PV = nRT$

$PV =\frac{ w }{ m } RT$ OR $P =\frac{ d }{ m } RT$ OR $Pm = dRT$

Daltons law of partial pressure:

$P _{1}=\frac{ n _{1} RT }{ v }, \quad P _{2}=\frac{ n _{2} RT }{ v }, \quad P _{3}=\frac{ n _{3} RT }{ v }$ and so on.

Total pressure $= P _{1}+ P _{2}+ P _{3}+\ldots \ldots .$

Partial pressure $=$ mole fraction $X$ Total pressure.

Amagat’s law of partial volume:

$V = V _{1}+ V _{2}+ V _{3}+\ldots \ldots .$

Average molecular mass of gaseous mixture:

$M _{ mx }=\frac{\text { Total mass of mixture }}{\text { Total no. of moles in mixture }}$ $=\frac{ n _{1} M _{1}+ n _{2} M _{2}+ n _{3} M _{3}}{ n _{1}+ n _{2}+ n _{3}}$

Graham’s Law:

Rate of diffusion r $\propto \frac{1}{\sqrt{ d }}$ ; $d =$ density of gas

$\frac{r_{1}}{r_{2}}=\frac{\sqrt{d_{2}}}{\sqrt{d_{1}}}=\frac{\sqrt{M_{2}}}{\sqrt{M_{1}}}=\sqrt{\frac{V \cdot D_{2}}{V \cdot D_{1}}}$

Kinetic Theory of Gases:

  1. $PV =\frac{1}{3} mN \overline{ U ^{2}} \quad$ Kinetic equation of gases
  2. Average K.E. for one mole $=N_{A}\left(\frac{1}{2} m \bar{U}^{2}\right)=\frac{3}{2} K N_{A} T=\frac{3}{2} R T$
  3. Root mean suqare speed
    $U_{ rms }=\sqrt{\frac{3 RT }{ M }}$
    molar mass must be in kg/mole.
  4. Average speed
    $U _{ av }= U _{1}+ U _{2}+ U _{3}+\ldots \ldots \ldots \ldots U _{ N }$
    $U_{\text {avg. }}=\sqrt{\frac{8 R T}{\pi M}}=\sqrt{\frac{8 K T}{\pi m}}$
    $K$ is Boltzmman constant
  5. Most probable speed
    $U_{ MPS }=\sqrt{\frac{2 RT }{ M }}=\sqrt{\frac{2 KT }{ m }}$

Vander wall’s equation:

$\left(P+\frac{a n^{2}}{v^{2}}\right)(v-n b)=n R T$

Critical constants:
$V_{c}=3 b$ ,

$P_{c}=\frac{a}{27 b^{2}}$,

$T _{ c }=\frac{8 a }{27 Rb }$

Vander wall equation in virial form :

$z=\left(1+\frac{b}{V_{m}}+\frac{b^{2}}{V_{m}^{2}}+\frac{b^{3}}{V_{m}^{3}}+\ldots \ldots \ldots\right)-\frac{a}{V_{m} R T}$ $=1+\frac{1}{V_{m}}\left(b-\frac{a}{R T}\right)+\frac{b^{2}}{V_{m}^{2}}+\frac{b^{3}}{V_{m}^{3}}+\ldots \ldots \ldots \ldots \ldots$

Reduced Equation of state:

$\left(P_{r}+\frac{3}{V_{r}^{2}}\right)\left(3 V_{r}-1\right)=8 T_{r}$

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