How to write the letter- Formal

How to write the letter-formal

This article will explain how to write a formal correspondence, its structure and definition, as well as provide examples of formal letters. Formal letters are professional and should be written carefully. These topics will show you how to create a formal letter that is effective.

  • Definition of formal letter.
  • Structure of a formal letter.
  • Writing of A Formal letter – Types of formal letters.
  • Writing a formal letter- Parts of A formal letter.
  • Formal letter Writing Samples.

Definition of a formal letter

Formal Letters are also known as Business Letters or Professional Letters. They are letters that follow a specific format. Formal letters are more formal than informal or friendly letters. For many reasons, formal letters can be written.

  • To express your concerns to the professional setup
  • To provide official information to your workplace
  • To order goods or to apply for employment
  • To the Editor of a newspaper that addresses the problems faced in various areas by different groups, etc.

Structure of a Formal letter

To be able to send a formal letter, it is important to understand the purpose of the letter. The structure of formal letters varies depending on what type it is. To be able to write a formal letter, there are some rules you should follow. Each sentence should be carefully thought out and written in a way that conveys the message clearly and precisely to the reader.

Types of formal letters

There are many types of formal letters. They can be labeled using the following terms:

  • Business letters
  • Lettres of application
  • Let us know what you think of our newspaper

Business letters

Business letters should be concise, short and straight to the point. A business letter should not contain any lengthy stories. These are some things to keep in mind before you begin writing a business letter.

  • Instead of using exaggerated and flamboyant vocabulary, use everyday language to communicate the message.
  • When writing a business letter, don’t use any jargon you might have heard in business.
  • Use abbreviations sparingly.
  • The type of letter and the recipient will determine the address.
  • When you send a letter of order, be sure to include clear and precise descriptions of the items required along with the expected quantity and quality.
  • Always include the date and number of references when responding to business letters.

Formal/Business letters are letters from the employer to employees and vice versa. They include letters to order and substitute goods, letters to the employee, letters to place orders, letters of serious concern to a higher ranking officer, letters of complaint, and letters to the editor.

Letters of application

Letters of application usually include letters requesting employment. Before you send a letter of request, check the following:

  • Always begin with a brief introduction that explains why the applicant is writing to respond to an advertisement in the newspaper or online.
  • Please indicate the applicant’s age, education, and work experience.
  • Give the employer a genuine expression that the applicant is serious about accepting the job at the company.
  • You should also provide references to help the employer get an idea of what kind of employee you are.

The format for letters of application should be the same as formal/business letters.

Let us know what you think of our newspaper

These letters should always be addressed to ‘The editor’ and concluded with ‘Yours faithfully. Let’s not forget to address letters to the Editor if you have concerns or questions that need to be addressed to higher authorities. These letters must be professional and authentic. An anonymous letter would not be published by a newspaper, so ensure you are writing for a cause. Also make sure to include your name and address.

Writing a formal letter – Parts of Formal Letters

Be respectful when writing formal letters. There are some things you should remember when writing a formal letter.

  1. Always begin with the sender’s address
  2. The date follows.
  3. Next is the address of the receiver. The receiver may be the name or representative of the firm.
  4. It is important to include in the subject line of your letter. It should be a declaration of the purpose of your letter. It should not exceed one line.
  5. The salutation can be Dear Sir/Ma’am. However, if it’s someone you know well, you may address them by their first name, “Dear Shrinath”.
  6. The Body of the letter Can be written in three paragraphs
    • The first paragraph should introduce you and state the purpose of your letter.
    • The second paragraph should contain all relevant information.
    • The third paragraph could be your concluding paragraph in which you outline your expectations about the matter.
  7. Close the letter with a complementary closing such as ‘ Yours faithfully’ or ‘Yours sincere’.
  8. Signature is not for informal correspondence. It should contain your name in block letters and your designation below it.

Formal Letter Writing Samples
Formal Letter Sample 1: Letter to the Publisher ordering books for your shop

Read More Book Store
24, Mahaveer Nagar
Kota 324005
20 August 2022

The Manager
Crow Publishing House
Mumbai 400012


I received the books you sent me last week. They arrived in perfect condition and were delivered on schedule. The great service was outstanding and I would love to order more books. Below is a list with books I’d like to buy:

Title of the book Author No.
Wuthering Heights Emily Bronte 3
Treasure Island R L stevenson 2
A brief history of Time Stephen Hawking 4
Sure You are joking Mr. Feyman Richard Feyman 2


As soon as possible, get to the address.

We are grateful for your understanding.

Yours faithfully

Manager – Read More Book Store

Formal Letter Sample 2: Letter to the Editor concerning a road in need of repair

76, Panchsheel Nagar
Bhopal 462003

25 August 2022

The Editor
The Hindu

Subject: Road repair in Cheran Nagar

It is a problem that Cheran Nagar residents have had to face in order to travel back and forth due to the poor condition of their roads. We appealed to the Municipality but have not seen any progress on the matter.

Private appeals to their offices have not had any effect. Perhaps a little publicity can help. The roads in Cheran Nagar have been nearly impassable for the past month. Heavy rains have caused the surface to be ruined and it can prove dangerous for cars or motor vehicles to travel that road at night. There are also a lot of road metal along the road’s sides, leaving very little space in the middle. This has caused inconvenience for the residents of the area for several weeks.

This situation is getting worse. This condition has been responsible for numerous accidents. Please highlight this serious matter in your newspaper. This will ensure that the road is repaired quickly.

We are grateful



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