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    Read online Laws of Motion NCERT Class 11 Physics

    In the preceding Chapter, our concern was to describe the motion of a particle in space quantitatively. We saw that uniform motion needs the concept of velocity alone whereas non-uniform motion requires the concept of acceleration in addition. So far, we have not asked the question as to what governs the motion of bodies. In this chapter, we turn to this basic question, which starts from Introduction. Aristotle, the Greek Scientist held the view that an external force is required to keep a body in uniform motion and we learn the same in detail in Aristotle’s fallacy. Further we will meet Galileo and study The Law of Inertia which was inferred by Galileo from observations of motion of a ball on a double inclined plane. Under Newton’s First Law of Motion we will understand that how Galileo’s simple, but revolutionary ideas dethroned Aristotelian mechanics and become base of Newton’s First Law of Motion. Further we will Learn advance study of Newton under sub units Newton’s Second Law of Motion & Newton’s Third Law of Motion. Afterwards, The conservation of momentum  states that, within some problem domain, the amount of momentum remains constant; momentum is neither created nor destroyed, but only changed through the action of forces as described by Newton’s laws of motion.  Further Sir Newton also put light on Equilibrium of a Particle, and we will see this in detail under this sub head. Further, we will study Common Forces In Mechanics and at last Circular Motion, which is an important topic from competition point of view. However the series of Motion is all important and you must get a good understanding if looking to crack any of national level competitive exams like JEE or NEET.


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