If a ¹ b but a 2 = 5a – 3 and b2 = 5b – 3 then the equation having a/b and b/a as its roots is


If $\alpha \neq \beta$ but $\alpha^{2}=5 \alpha-3$ and $\beta^{2}=5 \beta-3$ then the equation having $\alpha / \beta$ and $\beta / \alpha$ as its roots is

  1. $3 x^{2}-19 x+3=0$

  2. $3 x^{2}+19 x-3=0$

  3. $3 x^{2}-19 x-3=0$

  4. $x^{2}-5 x+3=0$.

Correct Option: 1

JEE Main Previous Year 1 Question of JEE Main from Mathematics Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations chapter.
JEE Main Previous Year 2002


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