If the equation 4 4 cos sin 0 q+ q+l= has real solutions for q, then l lies in the interval :


If the equation $\cos ^{4} \theta+\sin ^{4} \theta+\lambda=0$ has real solutions for $\theta$, then $\lambda$ lies in the interval :

  1. $\left(-\frac{5}{4},-1\right)$

  2. $\left[-1,-\frac{1}{2}\right]$

  3. $\left(-\frac{1}{2},-\frac{1}{4}\right]$

  4. $\left[-\frac{3}{2},-\frac{5}{4}\right]$

Correct Option: 2

JEE Main Previous Year 1 Question of JEE Main from Mathematics Trigonometry chapter.
JEE Main Previous Year Sep. 02, 2020 (II)


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