In a triangle PQR, Ð R = 2 p . If tan 2 æ ö P ç ÷ è ø and – tan 2 æ ö Q ç ÷ è ø are the roots of 2 ax + bx + c = 0, a ¹ 0 then


In a triangle $P Q R, \angle R=\frac{\pi}{2}$. If $\tan \left(\frac{P}{2}\right)$ and $-\tan \left(\frac{Q}{2}\right)$ are the roots of $a x^{2}+b x+c=0, a \neq 0$ then

  1. $a=b+c$

  2. $c=a+b$

  3. $b=c$

  4. $b=a+c$

Correct Option: 2

JEE Main Previous Year 1 Question of JEE Main from Mathematics Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations chapter.
JEE Main Previous Year 2005


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