In an unbiased n-p junction electrons diffuse from n-region to p-region because :


In an unbiased $\mathrm{n}$ – $\mathrm{p}$ junction electrons diffuse from $\mathrm{n}$-region to $\mathrm{p}$-region because :

  1. holes in p-region attract them

  2. electrons travel across the junction due to potential difference

  3. only electrons move from $\mathrm{n}$ to $\mathrm{p}$ region and not the vice-versa

  4. electron concentration in $\mathrm{n}$-region is more compared to that in p-region

Correct Option: 4

JEE Main Previous Year 1 Question of JEE Main from Physics Semiconductor Electronics : Materials, Devices and Simple Circuits chapter.
JEE Main Previous Year Online April 10, 2015


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