In the figure shown, what is the current (in Ampere) drawn from the battery? You are given : [8 Apr. 2019 II] R1 = 15 W, R2 = 10 W, R3 = 20 W, R4 = 5 W, R5 = 25 W, R6 = 30 W, E = 15 V


In the figure shown, what is the current (in Ampere) drawn from the battery? You are given :

$\mathrm{R}_{1}=15 \Omega, \mathrm{R}_{2}=10 \Omega, \mathrm{R}_{3}=20 \Omega, \mathrm{R}_{4}=5 \Omega, \mathrm{R}_{5}=25 \Omega$,

$\mathrm{R}_{6}=30 \Omega, \mathrm{E}=15 \mathrm{~V}$

  1. $13 / 24$

  2. $7 / 18$

  3. $9 / 32$

  4. $20 / 3$

Correct Option: 3


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