The velocity of a particle is $v=v_{0}+g t+f t^{2}$. If its position is $x=0$ at $t=0$, then its displacement after unit time $(t=$ 1) is


The velocity of a particle is $v=v_{0}+g t+f t^{2}$. If its position is $x=0$ at $t=0$, then its displacement after unit time $(t=$

1) is

  1. $v_{0}+g / 2+f$

  2. $v_{0}+2 g+3 f$

  3. $v_{0}+g / 2+f / 3$

  4. $v_{0}+g+f$

JEE Main Previous Year Single Correct Question of JEE Main from Physics Motion in a Straight Line chapter.

JEE Main Previous Year 2007

Correct Option: 3


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