zz zz + +- is equal to


$\left|z_{1}+z_{2}\right|^{2}+\left|z_{1}-z_{2}\right|^{2}$ is equal to

  1. $2\left(\left|z_{1}\right|+\left|z_{2}\right|\right)$

  2. $2\left(\left|z_{1}\right|^{2}+\left|z_{2}\right|^{2}\right)$

  3. $\left|z_{1} \| z_{2}\right|$

  4. $\left|z_{1}\right|^{2}+\left|z_{2}\right|^{2}$

Correct Option: 2

JEE Main Previous Year 1 Question of JEE Main from Mathematics Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations chapter.
JEE Main Previous Year Online May 26, 2012


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