Write Character sketch of Bholi. CBSE Class 10 English: Bholi

Character sketch of Bholi

Bholi is the character from Class 10 English literature, Chapter Bholi. Here we are providing a detailed character sketch of bholi.

Character sketch of Bholi in 100 words

Shulekha was Bholi’s real name. She was an innocent and simple child that’s why she was named Bholi. She was fourth daughter of Ramlal, who was the revenue officer of the village (Numberdar).

She fell off her cot at ten months of age, resulting in a head injury. Her brain suffered severe damage.

She also had small-pox when she was two years old. She was left with many dark marks and spots all over her body. She couldn’t speak until she was five years old. She struggled to speak when she began speaking. As children made fun of her, she didn’t talk to them. Even her family looked down on her.

Bholi was insecure due to her medical condition and the treatment she received from others. Bholi wasn’t a failure in every way. Bholi was fortunate enough to have a teacher who understood her situation. She was kind and gentle with Bholi and she helped her to gain understanding. She was hardworking and an avid learner. As she knew she was supported by her teacher, she never looked back. She even stood up to social evil. She transformed her life by embracing her fears and displaying kindness and gentleness under the guidance of her teacher.


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